Today we watched a SUPER COOL video about stamina and concentration. You could also use this video as a great way to talk about the metaphor of the feather (you'll know after you watch the video what I mean). The feather is what everything builds from and it can represent the importance of doing well in school as a young person and how life's experiences build off of it.

I highly recommend you watch. Here is the link:

We are studying the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in our fiction book. We are also discussing wormholes, multi-universe theory and how vacuums are created in physics. This is an incredible video that shows how the influence of gravity in a vacuum works. Watch and discuss. I hope you like it. You may need to copy and paste as the link may not work. :)

We watched a video on Christopher Columbus today and wrote our legislators with ideas on replacing the holiday. If you would like to view the video it is here:

We are studying adaptations animals and we watched both of these videos in our class. Please watch again with your families and discuss:

Clam eating salt

Angler fish in the deep ocean

Here is a video on how to do an hour of code:


We watched a fantastic poetry slam about Earth and Earth day. Here it is... Please watch and enjoy:

We have been studying how Newton's Laws affect our lives. We have been studying inertia and Newton's First Law. We are using the concepts of seat belt wearing and the law. Please take the time to watch this video and discuss with your kids.