Green Paws
Your child has been offered the opportunity to join Green Paws at Montclair. These kids will be helping learn how to take care of our planet, recycle and compost. They will meet one time a month after school to learn new concepts, be part of our recycling program and compost the schools compost in the classrooms. Your child will need teacher permission and write a short essay (really just a paragraph) on why they want to join. Please talk to your 5th grader about this opportunity.

Saving our planet... one 5th grader at a time!Please go check out our AMAZING recycling video. If you want to start recycling at your house dial 311 and see if they offer it in your area.

Our classroom is a "green" classroom. We compost and recycle daily. We have the least amount of waste of any class in the school. Please help your child understand the necessity of recycling at home as well.