Math Mania

Here is a great site that explains GCF in detail if you need a reteach:

How to find Greatest Common Factor video:

Here is a video on LCM (Least common multiple)

Here is a great site to have your child play math games:

Your child's success in math is essential to being ready for 6th grade and beyond.

If your child is experiencing math stress please come and talk to me so I can help.

All of the students in my math community have been given multiplication flash cards. Please work with your child to help them to understand all of their multiplication tables. Without this knowledge your child will not be a success in 5th grade math.

We are starting our year studying place value and number sense. Please make sure your child is showing you their homework and assist them when necessary. If your child struggles with understanding the reason and use of decimals in math problems you may need to contact me for extra tutoring.

I will update this page as we go through our units so you understand how to assist your child's learning.