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It's music to our ears that we are going to the symphony! We plan to leave school about 10:30 on November 4th. We will be eating lunch downtown as well so make sure a healthy and delicious lunch is packed for your child. We need a few chaperones so if you are interested please contact Mr. Nasi and he can give you details of what is expected (this was also already sent in Thursday Folders) :) We are learning about nature through music!

We are going to NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research) on October 30th. If you have signed up for a school lunch one will be ordered for your child, if not please pack a healthy lunch to bring up to NCAR. We are studying weather and would love if you discuss the science behind weather as well.

Please visit their website for more information:

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We are heading up to Balarat on September 17th and will return on the 19th. Your child has been given:

  • Permission form with emergency numbers
  • A medical form if ANY medicine is needed (including over the counter)
  • A packing list (they were told to hang this on the fridge at home right away)

The cost varies from student to student. Please see the form for cost. If your family cannot afford this trip please inform your child's teacher and we can assist in this arena.

This trip is essential to teach Colorado history, independence and teamwork.

If you have concerns about this trip please talk to me ASAP

The forms and the money are due on September 10th.