Come and support our Montclair family member and her new book signing!

Here is all the information you will need:

Hi Teachers!
I think most of you know me, but I’m Dominic and Lillian Jordan’s Mom. A few of you know about my book series for tween aged kids and a few of you have even been to see me skate, but I’m writing to ask if you’ll let parents know about our book signing at Tattered Cover this Saturday. My co-creator Alece also lives in the neighborhood in the convents across from the Molkery. Second grade might be a little young, but strong readers could definitely do it. Also, of course, my dream is you’d all buy class copies J, but let me know if I can donate a book to your libraries! The book is a kid empowerment series that uses roller derby as a backdrop. While some girl focus, the boys who have read it really like it as well. And, we’ll have cookies.
Also, if any of you would be interested, I thought it could be fun to do an event for all the age-appropriate classes in the gym about the book, roller derby and more about the writing process. I can wear my skates and maybe even get some other skaters to come. If you’d be up for it, I’ll talk to those in charge of enrichment.
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