Hi families,

I have been working (and loving) Montclair (which by the way is my Alma Mater too) for the last 11 years. I started as a paraprofessional in Ms. Hummel's kindergarten classroom. I worked with Ms. Hummel for 2 years while I worked diligently on my Masters Degree. Once my degree was completed I was offered the 5th grade position. I took the job with terror in my heart. Going from Kinder to 5th grade was a huge jump! I was unsure of how to be around such big kids. After the first day I was hooked! Fifth graders are the perfect fit for me!

I grew up in Colorado (I am a 5th generation) and love all it has to offer. I spend as much time as I can at my cabin in the mountains. It is 88 years old, made of logs and has no electricity or running water. It is the perfect retreat from the city world and I can completely unwind when I am there. I love to ski, Ebay shop, go to movies, fly fish, cook, garden and hang out with my family.

I have an active 19 year old who has just left for her second year of college! She is at Hartwick College in New York State. My wonderful husband keeps busy teaching children and doing a vast amount of yoga together. My family life is incredibly precious to me and I hold it nearer to my heart than any activity I could do.

I am looking forward to an excellent year and hope to get to know each one of the parents well. Please know my door is always open to families who wish to observe class or talk about school.

Here are some photos of my cabin. Enjoy!